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This is one the scene in Nodame Cantabile. Listen to the oboe been played. The tune sounds marvelous. You will immediately feel yourself in a fairy land. The whole orchestra will somehow made you blush with shades of pink. Really! If you listen to this piece wholeheartedly, it can make your bad day to be turned into a wonderful day~!

-found online

The video the blogger is referring to is here. I just thought the quote was charming, so I had to put it up here.

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but why would anyone leave a bassoon in an unlocked car?!

March 31

3:00 am, 8600 block of Melrose. An unknown thief stole an $8,000 bassoon and clothing from an unlocked vehicle parked on the street.

(Read here)

Maybe someone just wanted the insurance money. One wonders ….

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If you google CBC classical protest you sure come up with a lot of links.

Just so you know.

Why do I think that the US just wouldn’t have this sort of reaction? Am I just a pessimist, or is that a realist’s POV? Do tell.

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Elaine, at Musical Assumptions, alerted readers to a fun roller coaster. (Note: I really can’t do the roller coaster thing. I’m too wimpy!)

After going to see it, I found a Star Wars Opening Title Sequence that is awfully fun as well.