AND watching … the Great Performances broadcast of Macbeth. Not an opera I know at all.

Elaine Douvas is playing oboe. Wow, she takes in a lot of reed! I simply can’t play with that much reed in my mouth, but I’m finally accepting the fact that some of my students who swallow the reed may continue that if it really does work for them.

Side note: Watching the beginning: the chorus members are very funny (bad) actors. It’s better to see them from a distance. Really. This is one of the problems with close ups of opera. It’s better from a bit of distance.

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Check it out.

I’d go, but it’s just wee bit too far away.

Wait. Tickets are already gone. Never mind. 🙁

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How many seasons end on a high note? A good number.

How many end on a low note? Not nearly as many, and the ones I’m seeing look to be sports teams. Bunch of tuba players, those sports folk.

If I take “season ends on a high note” and add the word “symphony” to google, I get fewer entries. If I do the same with the low note phrase, I get nothing.

This, dear friends, is news you can use.

Or this is what I do when I’m not feeling well but can’t sleep.

You choose.

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If my oboes DO break, maybe I should check out the mud oboe. Of course I’d have to get to Tehran ….

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I have a very sore throat. This is not on the calendar, so I’m not quite sure how it happened. I only allow calendar-scheduled events. 🙁

Since I knew I was getting some sort of bug I slept in until 8:30. Of course that means I have bad dreams. This time both of my oboes were broken, and not in a fixable sort of way. On one the middle joint actually had wood breaking off. So I was going to have to purchase a new oboe, and I knew I’d have to get two because I didn’t want to play a brand new instrument in the Opera San José pit — it’s freezing in there much of the time, and I worry even with these older instruments. Oh … and prior to going to the oboe shop we were rehearsing and one of our very strong supporters (not a musician) was conducting. (We see this individual frequently, and the person is really responsible for our even being in this hall.) He wasn’t happy with me … but it was my broken oboes that were misbehaving, not me. Really! 🙂

Now I’m tired from a dream about broken oboes (there is no way we could afford a new oboe right now, what with a wedding and a college student and I was trying to explain that to people in the dream, hoping someone would take pity on me and give me a deal. Or an oboe.). Funny how a dream can be so exhausting! I suppose I should go back to bed and try to recover from whatever it is I have; people in pits aren’t thrilled when a person in the pit isn’t well. (I’ll try very hard not to breathe on anyone and no hugs and kisses tonight.)

Mostly, though, the dream was so real I’m concerned about my oboes. I hope they don’t fall apart.