13. April 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Links, Ramble

How many seasons end on a high note? A good number.

How many end on a low note? Not nearly as many, and the ones I’m seeing look to be sports teams. Bunch of tuba players, those sports folk.

If I take “season ends on a high note” and add the word “symphony” to google, I get fewer entries. If I do the same with the low note phrase, I get nothing.

This, dear friends, is news you can use.

Or this is what I do when I’m not feeling well but can’t sleep.

You choose.

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  1. You’ve hit on a pet peeve of mine – the over-use of the words “high” or “low notes” in articles about musicians and musical organizations.

    Another phrase in close connection with this is “SOUR note”, usually referring to rocky contract negotiations.

    I have repeatedly written to newspaper editors about these tired old phrases, but have never, ever gotten any kind of response.