14. April 2008 · Comments Off on Driving for $$ · Categories: Ramble

Jason Heath has an excellent post on the cost of driving to play gigs. Read it. Really.

My work is primarily 7 to 10 minutes away. I’m thankful for that. My UCSC job is further (around 35 miles, one way), but it’s one day a week, for the most part, and I do love the job. I have, in the past, done work in San Francisco, and would say yes again if I was asked to play a show up there, but those are now so rare I don’t even check to see what is coming in. It’s not just the car expense. When I do them I go a bit nuts; the drive and the very late nights really make me crazy.

So I love my jobs. I love being close.

And I really love knowing that if I’ve forgotten anything I don’t have to panic!

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