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I left for work (UCSC) this morning at 8:15 AM. It’s about a 35 mile drive, one way. I got home from opera at 11:00 or so. In between UCSC and opera I had three students. It’s been a long day. (I do have friends with days that are even longer … but I’m wimpy!)

I think I might try to sleep in. Then I get to drive to UCSC again to pick up some music.

Opening night for opera is Saturday. In case you care. 🙂


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In response to my Elephant Music post:

Patty–Loved the posting about elephants on OboeInsight! Maybe it’s time for frogs???….
I am very pleased that my performance of Phillip Kent Bimstein’s music for oboe, frogs, crickets & coyotes, Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa, has been enlisted to help generate public awareness and understanding of the amphibian extinction crisis which represents one of the greatest species conservation challenges in the history of humanity. During 2008, Amphibian Ark is leading zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums in a globally coordinated public awareness campaign, “The Year of the Frog.” Phillip and I have donated our work towards this cause.
I hope you’ll take time to check out Amphibian Ark’s webpage featuring an endangered frog slide show accompanied by Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa, with an opportunity to donate to the cause:

Stephen Caplan, D. M. A.
Professor of Oboe, University of Nevada Las Vegas
stephen [dot] caplan [at] unlv [dot] edu

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Queen of the Night … anime style. And baby-style voice. Very strange.

Want other options? Try these, some of which are great:
Diana Damrau
Natalie Dessay
Luciana Serra
Erika Miklosa
Birgit Norden
(Some of these have dialogue first.)

And now for something completely different: the same aria sung by a Turkish pop star.

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I just read a blog entry written by Jennifer Melick about getting Met tickets for $20. Very cool. Wish I could go.

But what I really want to know, is why do Ms. Melick’s blog posts use an oboe reed case and reeds as her … um … what is it called? Icon? Image? Is she an oboist? Am I stupid for not knowing? Uh-oh.