18. April 2008 · Comments Off on Music & Politics · Categories: Ramble

I don’t write about politics here; it’s just not my style. But of course there are youtube videos for policitians. The majority of the decent ones I’ve seen are for Obama. But here are a few from various candidates. I’m supplying this information because the first one has got to be the oddest one ever, but I don’t want to merely put up an Obama one … I like to be fair about this! (And keep you guessing on where I stand, maybe.)

English hornist for Obama
Yes We Can (Obama)

John McCain: Gotta Love Him!

America Needs a Leader (Clinton)
Women on Top (Clinton)

power to the people vs give peace a chance (Mike Gravel)
Helter Skelter (Mike Gravel)

Oops … gotta run … I’ll look for more later. Anyone want to send me suggestions? I’m trying to be “even” here and have the same number for the candidates I post, but I must say it’s easier to find videos for Obama. Clinton is okay. McCain? Really difficult. I threw in the Gravel just because they are so … um … interesting! I’m fine with putting up other candidates too, if anyone wants to supply URLs. (But I get to be the final judge. It’s my blog and I’ll judge if I want to.)