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Heh. Just kidding.

I’d never heard of Simon Emes before, but here he is. And here he is again, playing Blues for DD, written for Diana Doherty. (I have her recording of it, which I ordered from Australia … I love her playing.)



… listen to the second half of Pasculli.

I’m not a real Pasculli fan. Maybe it’s just because I’m afraid I couldn’t get through a piece of his, but mostly it’s that it seems mostly like fluff. That being said, I think Mr. Emes does a fabulous job, and nearly makes me change my mind.

There’s a few more videos of Pasculli being played at YouTube:

Paolo Grazia playingPasculli’s “Simpatici ricordi della Traviata”

Alex Klein rehearsing “Homage a Bellini” (English horn)

Bílal Guncan playing something (no title given, or else I’m just not seeing it … but I hope he never crams the reed into his chin when he bounces the oboe up and down before playing!)

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