I hadn’t seen this video of the piece before. The oboist plays beautifully. I have to admit, though, that I can’t watch it and enjoy it as much as I’d like; I’m distracted by his left thumb and elbow. I’m goofy that way. I know that those sorts of movements are quite common elsewhere. I move with the music, but I don’t move my elbows and my thumb. That’s just me. You?

But isn’t it a lovely little solo?

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Someone has an opera singer in his apartment. At the end of his blog, he has questions for opera singers. Anyone have answers? (You can answer here if you prefer.)

Question for the opera singers
Do you rent practice space normally for this type of thing? Or do you do it in your apartment?

If you practice in your apartment, do you realize how loud it is?

Do you realize that even if your neighbor is a fan of opera that they may have problems… thinking. Talking. Listening to something else?

Is all of this due to the fact that our opera singer is some sort of poor and struggling opera singer who can’t afford a practice space? And when they become famous, they will thank the residents of Building De La Loco in Brooklyn for their tolerance and patience making me feel like an old Scrooge?

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“I think it’s a very dark piece,” Birtwistle told Reuters before the curtains went up on the eagerly anticipated work.

I had to laugh at that quote after reading this description:

A group of Innocents is sacrificed to the beast in his lair as a crowd around the bull ring bays for blood. One is raped, and vulture-like, screaming Keres tear the hearts from the victims.

(Read here.)

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San Francisco Parlor Opera will perform W.A. Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro at 1550 Fell Street in the Historic Zellerbach mansion. Instead of the scenes changing on a dedicated stage, the audience will move from room to room as the story progresses. Acts I and II will take place in separate rooms of the attic. Act III will take place in the main floor parlor and Act IV will take place in the backyard garden. The opera will be performed in the original Italian. An English narration will precede each act.

My guess is there won’t be a full orchestra. But I like this idea, just for a fun night. Only thing better would be moving from place to place for the opera and getting food while you’re at it. Don’tcha think?

I’d consider going, but I have work. Mozart for the first two performances and Beauty & the Beast for the second two. Ah well.

(Read here. And here is the link to the opera company.)