21. April 2008 · Comments Off on Music Dreams · Categories: Ramble

I think all of us have them if we’ve spent a good amount of time in music. Today’s was just plain odd. It wasn’t even about me. Oh how wrong!

I can’t remember much of it, as usual, but we were rehearsing in what appeared to be a rehearsal room at a college. At one point a guy walked over to some girl (yes, I use guys and girls … sorry if that offends some of you, but I call myself a girl so there you go) and lays into her, saying he’s tired of how mean she’s been to him and what an awful person she is. She, with a shocked look on her face, apologizes in front of everyone in a sincere way, and even admits that she has sometimes been unkind. (Way to go! That really puts the people on your side.) She cries. Her sister cries. So some other guy says, “C’mon, let’s go.” He takes her to a different room. Next thing I know, I’m in a different room listening to them recording her. Her first take was way over the top, so the guy suggests she uses the anger she’s feeling to make ti let weepy and more powerful. And then she plays fabulously. (Truth be told, I can’t remember now if she played oboe or clarinet. Now THAT is scary!)

Hmmm. What was THAT about? (The dream, I mean.)

There was also a section where we all had to do our own setup and search for chairs. (I really despise gigs where we become our own stage managers.)

Anyway, I just wonder where my head came up with the idea to use the anger to overcome the overly sappy expression.

Dreams are what I get for sleeping in until 7:15. If I wake up at 7:00 I’m usually not dealing with my more emotional, over the top dreams.

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