22. April 2008 · 6 comments · Categories: Ramble

Then listen to the most unwanted music. Includes the predictable harp lick, accordian (WordPress says I’m misspelling that?), harmonica, clip-clops a la Grofé, a bit of tuba hip hop opera … moving to bagpipes eventually. All most of this could be lovely, I’m sure. But it isn’t.

Well, maybe you won’t want to listen. But I’ve listened to a few minutes and, yes, it’s not wanted. But in some ways it’s so unwanted I start to like it. I’m twisted that way.

I’m not sure what happened; somehow the URL was switched out to something else. Hmm. I think I’m the only one who can do that, so I must have blown it somehow. It’s a mystery, though.

Anyway, it should be correct now.


  1. YIKES! I didn’t quite like that. 😛

  2. So I guess they succeeded then, right Nat? I have a feeling you weren’t supposed to like it! 😎

    Me? I’m just weird. 😉

  3. So Nat … did you hear Magic Flute or “the most unwanted music”? The link was wrong … another reader alerted me. Hmmm. I’m puzzled!

  4. Not to be a nitpicker, but since you mention it, I believe it’s accordion…

  5. I heard “the most unwanted music”.. The first part was pretty alright, then what’s with the tuba thing? They’re okay as individual bits, but put together its just weird. And nope, you’re not weird, just unique (:

  6. Yep, igilen, your spelling is correct. Thanks! (but I’ll leave it wrong up above because I’m lazy. 😉

    And Nat, how weird that the link was changed after you heard it. I’m really curious how that happened; could someone have hacked that? Seems highly unlikely! Bizarre.