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There’s a really fun article about prompters.

If they really make what is quoted, maybe I should switch careers, hmmm? I suspect though, that it’s a tough gig to have. And you don’t even get a bow.

Of course you also don’t get a bad review.

Here’s a teaser which can’t help but cause you to read the whole thing:

Soprano Christine Brewer has a voice critics have described as “brilliant” and “golden,” yet she admits that her mind sometimes drifts during long performances.

In the middle of a recent five-hour production of Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde” at the San Francisco Opera, the 52-year-old singer started daydreaming and lost her place. She got excited, she says, then sped up and began singing the lines of her co-star, who started cracking up.

Ms. Brewer’s salvation came from a little box at the foot of the stage. Unseen by the audience, prompter Jonathan Kuhner climbed part-way out of his box and yelled, “Stop singing!”

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