Quint soon arrived, dropped to his knees and shed tears of joy.

For a 4 million dollar violin? You bet.

PS Don’t allow your instrument to be left behind! (RTWT)

(The Merc has it written as “$4 million dollar violin”. Isn’t the “$” unnecessary if they are using the word “dollar”?)


  1. It’s the new trend – like PIN Number, HIV Virus or even ABS Brakes (vs. Antilock Braking System Headlights, I guess).
    It’s like when you’re completely surrounded – you need a safe haven, and if you’re completely surrounded on all sides then you need a protected safe haven. A haven is only adequate when you’re merely surrounded.

  2. What a nuthead. Seriously, if you had an instrument like that, don’t you think you’d keep it handcuffed to yourself? I mean LITERALLY handcuffed?

  3. Personally, if I had a $4 million instrument I’d probably sell it and buy a $2 million instrument (but that’s just me). Unless, of course, I already had way more than $4 million lying around.

  4. Safe haven? I’ll take it. But I refuse to put the $ dollar sign there.

    Oh. Wait. I just did, didn’t I?

    It’s just a tad difficult to play an instrument when you are handcuffed to it, Cooper! 😉 But go ahead and try.

    I think I’d buy a 1 million dollar instrument, Tim. Or maybe I’d take the total 4 million and go retire on an island somewhere.