24. April 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

Can you find the errors?

Seen over at emusic.com:

Beethoven: Sting Quartet, Op. 132; String Quintet, Op. 104
Artist: The Lindsays
Genre: Alternative/Punk
Styles: Classical
Label: ASV / KOCH Dist.

Hmmm. So maybe Sting is involved (he has, after all, joined the classical world, eh?). But what about alternative punk? Maybe the Lindsays play Beethoven in some new way I’ve not heard of. Or maybe we just have a typo and a genre error. Or maybe it really is something explainable? (You can see it here unless they’ve already corrected it.

Or maybe … just maybe … emusic.com really needs to hire me to help correct these sorts of errors.


  1. I bet the people playing the quartet borrowed those Nabucco costumes from Deutch Oper Berlin.

  2. Hah! 😉