26. April 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

Did you hear that?

Me neither.

Thanks to The Standing Room I have learned that I really don’t have younger than springtime ears. Sigh. I like to think I can pass for younger. But, well, I can hear the 50 and younger** … and I’m 51!

So there.

Younger than springtime, they hear
Older than winter, my ear
So much for thinking I
might just pass for twenty, oh me.
They will get older, they’ll see
And miss a phone call, dear me!
Then I’ll be laughing, r – o – f – l
I’ll text with glee.

**I have removed the link; I think I was getting spammed because of it! Just search on m0squit0 ringt0nes and you’ll probably find it!


  1. I hate those darned things. I can’t hear them so much as I feel a sort of pressure on my ear when they go off, and it leaves my ears ringing.

    I can’t actually hear any of them after the 39 and younger one, though. And I’m 17. I must be losing my hearing already 😉

  2. You very well might be losing some hearing. Most younger people lose it sooner due to ear buds, as I’m sure you know.

    My son, age 18, can hear all of them, I think. He might be missing the first one … I can’t remember. (The other thing that leaves us is memory!)

  3. that’s a revealing little test. I could hear only down to 49 and younger, which I guess is just right since I’m 47. But I admit feeling depressed that I couldn’t hear the rest of them.

    I read somewhere that these mosquito devices are also being used by property owners to keep teens from unwanted loitering around; apparently they are really annoying and the tactic works well!

  4. I’m also 47 but I couldn’t hear any below 50 and younger. Must be from sitting in front of the trumpet and percussion sections over the years…