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That is all.

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I just read via Steve Hicken’s listen that Henry Brant died yesterday. He was in San Jose a couple of times and there is even a recording that includes the San Jose Symphony. If I’m remembering correctly I wasn’t involved in the recording; I seem to recall no English horn in the piece. I was at the recording session, though, so maybe I’m wrong about that. Maybe it’s the following that I missed out on:

April 19 to 21, the San Jose Symphony, (408) 288-2828, will perform the world premiere of Henry Brant’s “Old Italians Dying,” a musical setting for a poem, which will be read by its author, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. (Found here, from a 1991 New York Times article. A LOT has changed since that was written.)

I don’t remember a lot about Mr. Brant, but I do remember him always wearing some sort of a cap. And I remember musicians being in different parts of the auditorium. I seem to recall that in one work some singers were situated behind these large built in screen-like things in the CPA. He seems … hmmm … maybe “sprightly” is the word? Energetic.

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When I was visiting Kelsey & Mel I wanted to play her some music ideas for their wedding. I had forgotten to bring the CD I burned, so I had to play them from my MacBook. Not the greatest way to listen to music! But wait! Kelsey had a Airport Express Base Station! So no miniscule yucky sound. Nope. The music played through her speakers. AND I could print my boarding pass wirelessly as well.

Well of course, “Like daughter, like mother.” I had to get one.

So I’m currently listening to J. S. Bach. Good for a Sunday morning. I’m also cleaning up iTunes, putting things in their proper folders, getting the dates for all the composers (I like to have that information right there so when a student asks, “When was he/she born?” I can answer as if I’ve known all my life! 😉

Ah. Leon Fleisher Bach. Nice. (I swear he played with SJS (RIP) years ago, but for the life of me I can’t remember what work; I can’t imagine it was the Ravel, as I only recall playing that with Alicia de Larrocha and Jean-Philippe Collard, the latter back when I was in my early twenties … so long ago now! So what would it have been? I’m nearly certain it was when he was only using his left hand. Hmmm. Maybe I’m wrong? Readers who were here then?)

Speaking of de Larrocha, watch this. With her, Dudley Moore (really!) and MTT and the London Symphony Orchestra. I’ve had to interrupt my Bach … Ray Still playing Sinfonia: Ich hatte viel Bekummernis (from Cantata No. 21) for this, but oh what a wonderful video! And what an honor it was to have her here a few times. (I love the, “Not to piano because then I have to play pianissimo” … very true.) Oh, and here is part 2. You get to hear Dudley Moore play as well. His variations on Colonel Bogey. Very fun.

Listening and watching this … and going back to Bach … talk about joy. Awe, too.

I have a great job, even in this little corner of the huge music world. 🙂

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Rumors suggest that the Berlin Phil musicians aren’t happy, or maybe it’s just publicity to get people to pay attention?

Maybe the orchestra doesn’t like the way he stifles a cough …?

In any case, I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in an orchestra where what the musicians think matters completely. How ’bout that?