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Next year he’ll need to find something new. After seeing the picture here I’m wondering if he’s looking at a conducting career.


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“It is easy for sopranos to give birth.” Surely that remains to be seen? “No, it will be an easy birth.”

I’ve had three children. Pardon me if I guffaw a bit.

There. I’m done now.

I wish Ms. Netrebko all the best, but you don’t know … until you know. Really.


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I’d put the picture here, but 1) it’s not mine and 2) I can’t put pictures on the blog any more. But check out Dan’s work. Really. I’d say he was great even if we weren’t married.


He’s home after spending a day at Yosemite, so who knows what we might see coming up soon on his sites?! (Here is flickr.)

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I was trying to remember what piece Leon Fleisher played with us. Of COURSE it was the Ravel. For the left hand. Not the G major.

Thanks, DK! 🙂

Blame it on Oldboe Brain™. K?