30. April 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

Am I all alone in the world after all?


Not one person attempted a guess or even asked me what my three sentences were from. I will try not to take that personally, assume no one reads this blog or, even worse, everyone hates me.

I said I’ll try … no guarantee of success. 😉

Kidding. Again.

Anyway, just because I know you are all too shy to ask, I’ll tell you. It’s from The Cunning Little Vixen by Rudolf Tesnohlidek. A book I have sitting here that I really must read because I have to return it to a friend. (I’m such a slow reader, and right now I’m reading Dillard’s The Maytrees, which I thought was about trees. It’s not. Go figure.)

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  1. Maybe its not that we don’t care, but we’re just dumb when it comes to lit.