30. April 2008 · Comments Off on Sometimes … · Categories: Ramble

There are times when I write things and later regret them. Something Dan has suggested to me many times — something I’m very slow at putting into practice — is to wait before speaking or writing at times.

Yeah. There you go. Waiting. That’s a problem.

There have been a few times I’ve been reprimanded about what I’ve written here. Sometimes it’s by a person I don’t know. (Believe me, people feel very free to reprimand me when they don’t even know me.) Other times I’ve been reprimanded by someone I do know. And then there are are my own reprimands. Those happen most frequently. When I’m reprimanded in any way, I always seriously consider what has been said (or, when it’s self inflicted, what’s been thought).

And I just removed a couple posts. These were from self inflicted reprimands.

I just didn’t like the way I appeared in very unnecessary posts. So there you go (again).

But … you online reprimanders … if you reprimand me and I email you back and apologize, why do you then just disappear and not respond? I wonder about that. Is it just that you like spanking people, but you don’t appreciate the end results even if I write to apologize? (Hmmm. That could be read in a pun-like way, yes?)

So anyway, there you go. Sometimes I PostStupid™ and that’s just not okay.

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