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I wish we could stop the clock now, so we wouldn’t have to end; but I promise, I hope, this will not be the end, but only a hiatus. We’ll be back! Sometimes, you have to lose, or almost lose, what you have to appreciate it.

-Marvin Hamlisch, at the final concert scheduled for Columbus Symphony, read here

I didn’t play the final San Jose Symphony (RIP) concert. I had a conflict, although I no longer remember what it was. I must confess, though, that I’m sorry to have missed it. I think that I might have had more closure. Maybe. Maybe not.

All those years of San Jose Symphony, and now the memories are so few. It really seems like a dream.

My heart go out to David H. Thomas (principal clarinetist) and all those in the Columbus Symphony. When our symphony folded it was like a death, and it still hurts when I think about it. I enjoy Symphony Silicon Valley, and I’m grateful for it, but I doubt it will ever be the job that SJS was, and I’m not willing to risk my heart again. That’s for sure.

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Calling all New Yorkers!

I just received this email from my brother (and very fine bassoonist!) Timothy Emerson:


Last night’s concert was a grand success. If you missed it, how about coming tonight! Come hear some wonderful chamber music in the beautiful Grace Church Chantry at Broadway and 10th Street!

The show starts at 8pm. Doors open at 7:30pm. To reserve tickets at $15/each, call 917-698-8415 or reply to this email.

Rossini: Sonata IV for Woodwind Quartet
Barber: ‘Summer Music’ for Woodwind Quintet
Bruhns: Cantata ‘Mein Herz ist Bereit’ for Baritone, Solo Violin and Basso Continuo
Beethoven: Quartet in A minor, Op. 132

Jorge Avila, violin
Alexander Sharpe, violin
David Gold, viola
Sarah Hewitt-Roth, cello
Reva Youngstein, flute
Caroline Park, oboe
Christopher Cullen, clarinet
Timothy Emerson, bassoon, Artistic Director
Maria Harrold, horn
Joshua Parrillo, baritone
Patrick Allen, chamber organ

Polly Holliday, producer

Tickets: $15 in advance; $20 at the door.

If you go, tell him I sent you! 🙂

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I had blogged earlier about the “English horn player for Obama” (trying, as well, to give equal video time to other candidates).


The guy has changed his mind!

I mean … really now … can’t he be consistent and stay with one thing? Geesh.

Changes. Sigh. I’m not good with changes. (I suppose it’s the control freak in me.) So where does he stand now, you wonder? Check it out:

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From Britain’s Got Talent:

Classical music babes Escala, from London, won the public vote with a dramatic rendition of the James Bond theme Live And Let Die.

(Read here)

So my question: what makes them “classical”?

I’m not saying they aren’t good (I didn’t listen to the whole thing). I will say they are sexy, beautiful, thin and young. And they do choreography while they play.

I am not sexy, beautiful, thin or young. And I don’t do choreography. Even when I’m not playing. 🙂

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The sad news is I missed a triple play because I couldn’t see the Giants game BUT …

I was at the SCU concert and Caroline and Rebecca did a fabulous job. Bravi tutti! 🙂

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Rebecca, and I hope you enjoy grad school and find a place for oboing!

They are … um … good?

Let me first apologize. Really.

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Read online:

The tuba is the tree, the pair of cellos are the giraffe, the insects are the oboe, and the humans are silence.

I can see how a tuba might play something that represents a tree, and the celli can be a giraffe, but c’mon now … they are hiring insects to be an oboe?


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Below is a lovely video of the composer of The Consul. You won’t hear selections from The Consul, but you will hear and see some of his popular Amahl and the Night Visitors.

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This isn’t the cast I saw and heard last night (there are two casts), but this clip is from last quarter’s concert, where they featured a portion of The Consul. It’s a beautiful section, and includes some playing by my oboe student, Becky Harris. (Lovely job!) Sadly it cuts off rather suddenly. Ah well. Maybe someone will put a clip up of the opera production.

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I’m home from a very long day at UCSC. It began when I arrived to deal with a parking permit issue (I had the wrong license plate number on my latest purchased permit—yes, we do have to pay for parking!) at 8:45 AM. This means I left home at 8:00. I think we pulled into the garage tonight a little before 11:30 PM. That’s one very long day, and my eyes can’t stay open much longer.

But what a good day it was! First I taught, as I always do. And it was as enjoyable as ever. I just love teaching there. I spent time doing various things, including napping in my car (!), and then Dan, Jameson and I went out for sushi. Then it was back to school to see opening night of Menotti’s The Consul.

What an wonderful performance! I was impressed with every aspect of it: singers, pit, conductor, staging … so Bravi Tutti to you all! And hoorah to the group I coached! It was a delight to hear you. I do hope you all were happy with your performance … I sure was!