I check emusic.com for new things on occasion. I just checked and saw what appeared to be some oboe music, and included the name William Bennett. Turns out it was not the San Francisco Symphony oboist William Bennett, but the flutist, William Bennett. (Someone once emailed me to say I didn’t know what I was talking about by saying William Bennett played oboe. I was careful not to say he didn’t know what he was talking about by saying William Bennett was a flutist. Whew! I’m glad I didn’t embarrass myself.)

I think I’ll download the two disk set in any case, since it also features Nicholas Daniel, and it’s Debussy & Saint Saëns, Complete Chamber Music for Woodwinds.


  1. Patty-
    GET IT! That’s a fun set… and Nick (errr… professor Daniel) does a stunning Saint Saens sonata. There’s another that has works of Poulenc & Ravel with the same crew…

  2. PS: I don’t know if it’s on emusic or not, but the flautist bennett has a really wonderful CD of works by Villa-Lobos as well (including the trio and quintet, and the fun flute/guitar stuff.)

  3. Downloaded!

    I checked for the Poulenc and Ravel but emusic doesn’t have it. Nor did they have the Villa-Lobos as far as I can see.

    BUT … they just added the Debussy/Saint Saëns, so perhaps these others will come up soon. I’ll keep my eyes open. 😎