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Most reviewers are, I truly believe, honest people who want to write up good reviews.

Okay. I read the above and have to laugh at myself. I am such a liar!

Maybe it’s more like this: Most reviewers are, I truly believe, people. They write reviews based on what they heard. They really believe they are correct.

Is that better? Because I’m really not sure what I think about reviewers. But that’s because they sometimes hurt my feelings. And when one’s feelings are hurt one can become irrational. So I don’t truly know if they are honest, and I don’t know if they want to write good reviews. (I’m not talking “good” as in “the concert was great!” but “good” as in well written and accurate.) I only know they can make me feel very, very good, or very, very rotten. 🙂

Seriously, though, I suspect most of them want to write good and honest reviews. I do think the ones around here these days are that way.

But sometimes a reviewer gets caught.

I do wonder about those reviewers. Why do they write reviews if they don’t know the difference between an English horn and a baritone horn (it happened, I was there), leave a concert early but write a full review (it happened, I saw it), sleep through it, or simply don’t attend at all (it happened, he was fired)? That’s puzzling.

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