05. May 2008 · Comments Off on Back To Work · Categories: Ramble, Symphony

Yesterday I spent the entire day (waking up at 4:30) doing something other than music. Dan and I flew down to SoCal to meet with our daughter and her fiancé and then we drove to their wedding location to finalize things. It was quite the whirlwind trip; we flew home quite early this morning. I feel as if I still need to catch my breath!

I’m just home from the first of four Symphony Silicon Valley Gershwin rehearsals. This is a bit of a breezy set, although I have some notes to work on in the Piano Concerto. It turns out that I’m playing second oboe on the piece (a part I saw for the first time tonight), and my favorite part —the English horn part— has been given to a saxophone. Say it ain’t so!

Well, but I must say it IS so, and I must also admit it’ll be fine. After all, Gershwin wrote some of his works several different ways, and he did like saxes. They pretty much steal the show this week.

I do have three Beauty and the Beast rehearsals that happen during this Gershwin run, so I should just be happy that I won’t have to stress about the symphony concert. And that’s where I am, really. Not stressing is a happy place to be. 🙂