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I’m home. I think I got in the door sometime around 10:15. I’ve been playing oboe and English horn since before 10:00 this morning. (The first rehearsal began at 10:00, so I think I was probably warming up at around 9:20 or so.)

My mouth says it’s had enough! That was a long day of music. (And yes, I know there are some out there who do a whole lot more, and I have friends with “real” jobs who deal with this just fine. I’m just wimpy!) 🙂

Beauty and the Beast is a busy show, and doesn’t have a lot of resting time. It has some very pretty music, and I have a few solos that are great fun to play. I’m hoping I can see a bit of the show, but I won’t know until we move into the pit. There are some extremely quick instrument switches; there’s no time to put the oboe on a stand, so it has to sit in my lap. In one instance I have one measure to make the switch, if I’m remembering correctly. But I think it’ll be an enjoyable run. The music is a bit different from the time I played it when it was out on tour … I suspect they’ve simplified a few things. Ah well.

And does anyone else hear the Tristan and Isolde quote toward the end of the thing? It just cracks me up … I’m guessing it was put in there as a little joke. But who knows?

Maybe I’m so out of it I’m just imagining it?

Could it be …? 😉

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