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Columbus would become one of the nation’s largest cities without a full-time professional orchestra.


Columbus is fifteenth. We are tenth.

Just because your city is large doesn’t mean a symphony will be supported. Trust me.

But maybe it has something to do with the how we look. Take a look at Wikipedia’s pictures of the cities. Can’t say that San Jose’s is exactly stunning. At least not in that picture.

I notice that Symphony Silicon Valley doesn’t really have a wiki page while Columbus Symphony does have one. I guess we don’t rate. Oh well. The old San Jose Symphony (RIP) didn’t get one either, and we were one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the west. (San Jose couldn’t support that group — one that provided a great deal more work for yours truly. Such is life.)


  1. The San Jose Symphony died not because the city couldn’t support it. It was bad management that killed the beast. The difference between its late-days fortunes and those of SSV are quite simply the difference between bad management and good management.

  2. You know, David, I’ve just never seen it as “simple”, so I don’t know. It was horribly managed (for the entire 27 years I was there). I can’t argue with that. But I was surprised, when we finally were folding, that the city didn’t really care. Our mayor jumped in only when the ship was sunk. (In years prior other mayors seemed to care a bit, but that one didn’t.)

    But I’m only an oboe player. What the heck do I know?! I’m guessing you are much more the expert on that one.

    Haven’t seen you here for a while. Nice to see you back. Even if it’s only to tell me I’m wrong. 😉

  3. Well, the SJ Symphony folded before wiki really caught on. Or was maybe even in existence yet?

  4. Oh! And another thing…

    Sacramento is the capital of the 7th (?) largest economy in the world but yet it couldn’t support a full-time symphony orchestra?

    Shameful. Shameful. SHAMEFUL!!

  5. Same mayor presided over the death of the old and the birth of the new.

  6. I didn’t realize he presided over the birth of SSV. Thank you for the information, David.