10. May 2008 · Comments Off on Hitting the Wall · Categories: Ramble

I’m not sure why, but I hit the wall tonight. I’m so tired I can barely think! I was certain tomorrow night’s 3 1/2 hour rehearsal would do me in, since it follows a 2 1/2 hour symphony concert. But … ack! It’s too soon to feel this way!

[time lapse to verify schedule]

Double ACK! I just found out that tomorrow night’s rehearsal is a four hour one. Whoa. That’s gonna be a long day, followed by another long day (two rehearsals on Monday).

Employment is good. Busy is good. I just have to figure out how to keep my head on straight!

10. May 2008 · Comments Off on Concerto in F · Categories: Ramble

I had forgotten (Me?! Forget something?!) that Gershwin’s Piano Concert in F was in American in Paris. This is one of the works on this week’s concerts. Our soloist, however, doesn’t play percussion, conduct, or yell “bravo!” from the audience. She “just” plays piano. Go figure. 😉

Time, now, to dry my hair and head on out to work.

10. May 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I can’t go to any blogspot sites because google has decided to block me. They suggest I have a virus or spyware. I do not. I’m very, very bummed. I don’t like doing bad things. I dislike, even more, being told I’m doing bad things when I am not.

Has anyone else had this problem? Do tell!

All better. For now and, I hope, forever. 🙂