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Readers might think I meant to write toothache, but that’s not the case. My teeth ache. Really. I’ve had so much playing in the past few days my teeth really hurt. I think I’ll avoid playing much tomorrow, although I’d sure like to get a few more reeds set for Beauty and the Beast. I now have seventeen shows to play; our rehearsals are over and done with. It’s a bit shorter than it was when I played it last; we have cuts that weren’t in the part when I played the tour. I’m not missing any of those cut notes, to be honest. And I think my mouth is thankful. My teeth aren’t thankful for now, but as my load is lighter until the doubles on Saturday and Sunday maybe they’ll be happier soon.

In other news … I finally received the book today.

Oboists probably know what I’m talking about. I would guess not one other person would.

Marcel Tabuteau: How Do You Expect to Play the Oboe If You Can’t Peel a Mushroom? is a book a lot of oboists have been looking forward to. I even took it with me to the pit tonight … as if there is enough time to read. Hah! Never mind that.

It’s a very heavy book (so it’s staying home from here on out), and comes with a CD as well. It looks pretty amazing. I have a feeling it’s going to take me some time to get through it, as I read slowly these days. But I guess that means I’ll really be getting my money’s worth. Right?

Or something like that.

Now it’s off to bed with me. I have to get up around 6:00 AM. Yikes!

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Too darn funny! I had blogged about this some time ago, but I hadn’t posted the actual video. So I’m doing it now. Because I can.

For an even more bizarre use of the tune, try the Grand Theft Auto 3 ad:

In other news … I’m just home from the first of two rehearsals for B&tB. When a drop comes down on the head of one of the stars a rehearsal ends very quickly. The person appears to be okay, but boy was there a hush in the hall when it happened. Of course we couldn’t see anything. We could only hear … well … nothing.

Tonight we go as long as necessary, from what I’ve been told.

Show biz.

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I just cracked up seeing what Anna Netrebko wore to collect her award. It looks like she wanted to grab the prize for Female Artist of the Year and hit the hay.

Of course I remember how tired I was when I was pregnant with my kiddos, so I do understand.

Sort of.


Okay. CattyPatty™ is going to leave you in peace now. (Here in one blog entry I write about being overly sensitive and then I do this? What can you do with a person like me, anyway? Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless ….)

PS No, I don’t wear anything like that to bed. Don’t get any ideas! I’m an oboe player, not a soprano!

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Sometimes I misread what people have to say. That is absolutely no surprise to my friends and family. At least I don’t think they are surprised any longer. Here are some instances where patty gets it wrong:

  • “Nice outfit!” translates to “Well, finally she dressed properly.”
  • “Nice hair!” translates to “You usually look pretty darn unkempt.”
  • “Beautiful solo!” translates to “…finally. It’s about time.”

Yeah. I’m sick that way.

So sometimes when people comment here I’m quite taken aback by what they say, and yet I can’t hear inflection, so perhaps I’m reading incorrectly. I think I could use a translator. Any volunteers? 😉

The hammering continues … and it sounds like they are destroying my house! I finally looked out the window and realized the noise is so loud because they are also re-roofing (do I need that dash) the garage, which is only a few feet from our family room, where I am currently sitting. I’m glad I have no students today; the studio is awfully close to the garage as well.

In other news … I’m back to that kind of sad mood sort of thing. I think it’s called exhaustion. At least that’s what one of my colleagues suggested. I’m not good at diagnosing my moods when I’m this tired, you know?

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The neighbors are getting a new roof today. I thought it was noisy on Friday, when they were doing some prep work. Compared to today, Friday was nothing. So I suppose I can be extremely grateful that I have two rehearsals for “Beauty and the Beast” today. Even though the thing is a chop buster and a reed eater. (Quick! Send reeds!)

Yesterday was the killer day, and by 10:50 PM I was dead. Alas, the conductor did want to use up all our time. They are paying us, after all, so I do understand. I just was rather out of it. And so were my reeds.

At the symphony concert they had roses and chocolates for all the moms. In the audience. Seems to me the orchestra moms could be given these things as well. Yeah, we are paid, so I suppose I should shut up … but I think, too, that the audience would love seeing how many mothers are on that stage (although this concert featured a smaller orchestra than last year’s, so it would look quite as MomFull™). I thought, too, that at Thursday’s concert, which was celebrating SJSU in some sort of way, those of us who attended SJSU could have been asked to stand; it seems to me that the SJSU folks would love to take credit for that. Or something.

But heck, I’m still exhausted from yesterday and I’m sure I’m not thinking clearly … what do I know?

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Fauré, Massenet … in honor of my husband, I’ll put the following video up. Not Fauré or Massenet … but Mr. Bacharach, who celebrates his birthday today as well.

Tee hee. Sorry, Dan! This is NOT one of Dan’s favorite pieces. One might say the opposite in fact. (And what this song had to do with the movie is beyond me.)

Okay. Here’s something nicer, maybe: