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The neighbors are getting a new roof today. I thought it was noisy on Friday, when they were doing some prep work. Compared to today, Friday was nothing. So I suppose I can be extremely grateful that I have two rehearsals for “Beauty and the Beast” today. Even though the thing is a chop buster and a reed eater. (Quick! Send reeds!)

Yesterday was the killer day, and by 10:50 PM I was dead. Alas, the conductor did want to use up all our time. They are paying us, after all, so I do understand. I just was rather out of it. And so were my reeds.

At the symphony concert they had roses and chocolates for all the moms. In the audience. Seems to me the orchestra moms could be given these things as well. Yeah, we are paid, so I suppose I should shut up … but I think, too, that the audience would love seeing how many mothers are on that stage (although this concert featured a smaller orchestra than last year’s, so it would look quite as MomFull™). I thought, too, that at Thursday’s concert, which was celebrating SJSU in some sort of way, those of us who attended SJSU could have been asked to stand; it seems to me that the SJSU folks would love to take credit for that. Or something.

But heck, I’m still exhausted from yesterday and I’m sure I’m not thinking clearly … what do I know?

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