I’m guessing many of you have already seen this documentary and I’m simply behind the times, as usual. But in case you haven’t, here they are! They are all in German. I don’t speak much German, but I understood some of it. Maybe someone else will spend hours translating for us … eh?

The first one begins with reed making, and it’s interesting to see how his reeds are made. (Do they really get made that quickly, or is this just a small bit of the process?)

Hope you enjoyed these! 🙂

I’m really looking forward to a documentary on an oboist from the United States, made for US television. 😉


  1. that was interesting, seeing him doing tip work on his reed with a utility knife! I’ve never tried a German-scrape reed, but I sure like the way he sounded. Do you have any idea who might supply good reeds of that type? And was that a Viennese oboe he was playing, or just a fancy “piroutte”?

  2. I don’t know what he plays on, but I looked it up and one “youtuber” says this:

    It is indeed not a Vienna oboe – by which I assume you meant a Zuleger Model Wiener oboe, as played in the Vienna philharmonic. This is simply a standard French Full Conservatory – the white bit at the top is a mounting – something a few makers have explored. Josef, in Japan, for example as made a great many experiments with different top mounting and reed well materials.

    Another writes:

    Yes he plays Buffet Green Line Oboe but his instrument is quite strange with this special white “ring” in the top of the instrument… In my opinion his instrument is specially tuned for him. Anyway he’s a great oboist (his Mozart Concerto recording is amazing)

    … I can’t verify these, but there you go! 🙂