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… there is no need to mention the orchestra in the Beauty and the Beast review; someone said you can’t hear us. But, then again, someone else told me we were great.

So who knows?

The reviewer didn’t say a word about the orchestra, though. Maybe no news is good news?


Or maybe a lengthier review will be out later. Time will tell.

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Psychologists have shown the style of music we listen to while having a glass of wine dramatically affects our opinion of how it tastes.

Classical music is particularly emotive, conjuring up connotations of sophistication and wealth – and so could make bargain basement wine taste infinitely more expensive.

Yes, indeed. Classical musicians are wealthy.

Or maybe it’s that our attendees are? Hmmm?

The article continues and this made me laugh:

It is recommended that to get the most from their wine, people match it with a music that will best bring out its taste.

A refreshing glass of Chardonnay, for instance, might be best accompanied by a lively tune, such as Robbie Williams’s Rock DJ.

Cabernet Sauvignon’s heady tones might be better savoured to power and drive of Jimi Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower.

With previous work by the professor showing that classical music’s connotations of sophistication, wealth and culture are particularly emotive, a burst of Mozart may help disguise the provenance of a bottle of cheap plonk.

Professor North said: “If you want to make a bad wine taste good, then perhaps you should play some classical music in the background.”

Do you think my bad reeds will sound good when I play Mozart?

Could it be?

… although not many of us can swing, according to the review.

I wonder, too, if the way we look makes it appear that we can’t swing. I was looking at my colleagues during measures of rest and thought, “My, aren’t we a sober bunch?!” I’m not one that thinks we have to smile all the time, but, well, this was Gershwin and it was perky and fun or sultry and sexy so why not look like that’s the kind of stuff we were playing? I dunno. Maybe that’s just my problem?

In any case, the reviewer came on Sunday, when a little mishap occurred, and still he liked it. As did my mother and sister who attended that day. Mistakes happen. Music making can still happen even with those.

Music isn’t all about perfection. Our goal is to be flawless, of course, and it is a good thing, but I’d rather have a mistake and musicality than perfection and no heart.