(Anyone immediately get “Someone in a Tree” in you head?)

Paul Polivnick is the conductor in this 1989 video. (There are more videos, as this is only the first part … just look at YouTube for them.) Earl Wild (another musician who has been here in San Jose—several times, if I’m remembering correctly) is the soloist.

Just playing around on YouTube, looking for anyone I’ve worked with. Maybe I’ll start a little library of these artists. Kind of like my little connection to people much more important than yours truly. Just because.

… and one of my favorite musicals:


  1. Sorry, but the second video is no longer available. 🙁

  2. It works for me, Carolyn. I wonder if you had the window open for a long period of time before you tried it … sometimes that causes it not to work. Try reloading the page and maybe then it will work? I don’t know for sure, but it’s worth a try. (Not that you’ll necessarily like the video anyway!) 🙂