The orchestra played a winning hand to open the concert, a clear and cogent reading of Schubert’s Overture to Rosamunde that was not short on charm. The other side of the coin ( a valuable one of course) of a lengthy performance that becomes dominated by an entertaining and generous guest is that the concert runs long. I didn’t get to hear the orchestra’s final selection, Ravel’s Bolero.

The reviewer who wrote that (here) admits to not staying. I can’t help but wonder why she couldn’t. I also wonder, of course, why she doesn’t mention that this could be the very last time she ever hears this orchestra. David Thomas wonders too.

How incredibly puzzling that a reviewer wouldn’t write about the demise. Does she not care? Has she been told she can’t say anything. I find this ridiculous.

16. May 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Ramble

It’s hot here. Right now tells me it’s 80 degrees in San Jose, and it’s only 8:35 in the morning. It’s bound to get a lot hotter. “They” say 97. My car yesterday said 102. And we don’t have air conditioning.

I’m fine with not having air conditioning, to be honest; it seems rather wasteful, and is hardly ever necessary here. But it’s gonna be a hot one!

Teaching when it’s this warm is difficult. I have a small fan that’s aimed at the students, but anything larger does weird things to our sound. (Try it! Play oboe in front of a fan and listen to the wacky sound!) My poor students. Some of the younger ones get especially hot, it seems. I’m not sure if it’s that they’re just warmer to begin with, or if it’s that their bodies’ cooling systems aren’t working well. But I always feel sorry for them as the play and drip away.

To add insult to this day, the roofers have returned. Our neighbor is putting on a new roof, and they were here last Friday. Then they were here a few days later, and after that nothing. They decided, I guess, to wait until the hottest day yet to come and finish up. At 7:30 AM. With a loud machine. By my bedroom.

Ah well. Think of all the whining I’ll get to do today. My life is complete! 😉