The orchestra played a winning hand to open the concert, a clear and cogent reading of Schubert’s Overture to Rosamunde that was not short on charm. The other side of the coin ( a valuable one of course) of a lengthy performance that becomes dominated by an entertaining and generous guest is that the concert runs long. I didn’t get to hear the orchestra’s final selection, Ravel’s Bolero.

The reviewer who wrote that (here) admits to not staying. I can’t help but wonder why she couldn’t. I also wonder, of course, why she doesn’t mention that this could be the very last time she ever hears this orchestra. David Thomas wonders too.

How incredibly puzzling that a reviewer wouldn’t write about the demise. Does she not care? Has she been told she can’t say anything. I find this ridiculous.


  1. The critic probably had to skip out to meet an early deadline. Back when I was reviewing for a daily newspaper, I had to turn in my reviews by 11:15 p.m.; factor in the drive to the newsroom and the writing time, and that meant that I was in trouble if a concert went past 10:15, and I preferred to be out of the hall by 10. As for not mentioning “the demise,” I can’t speculate on that…

  2. I find that so puzzling, James. If a reviewer can’t review a whole concert … I dunno … it does bother me. OUr reviewer just puts it in a later paper. (We did used to have one who left, and I’d see his empty chair for the second half.)

    Ah well. I’m only an oboist. I don’t have to do that writing thing!

    Is your blog back up yet?

  3. Hi again, Patty. Well, in my case, my 11:15 deadline was for the final edition–my review replaced some wire story that was used in the early edition, so there was no “later” option for me. At least the critic should make clear that he/she couldn’t stay for the whole concert–honesty is the best policy. As for my blog, I think the Web guys who have been saying it will be back “soon” since January are calculating “soon” in geologic time … sort of like a Sergiu Celibidache concert.

  4. The critic who used to leave our concerts early never actually reviewed the piece(s) he missed; he’d just write about the pieces, but not the performance. I do agree that it would have been better if he’d just admitted he had left early.

    He’s not here any longer, so I guess I have to stop complaining about him, though! 🙂