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Oboes aren’t cheap. They aren’t as expensive as flutes or bassoons (the latter being amazingly costly), but new oboes can really hit you hard with the cost. I recommend that students purchase used oboes; you save some money and, if you are purchasing a wood oboe, you might not even have to worry about breaking the instrument in. (Some used instruments have been sitting around for years, and then I think caution is recommended.) But really, people are frequently selling their oboes because they are either giving the instrument up or moving on to a new instrument. (Some oboists like to replace their instruments frequently.)

I tried to leave that message on this blog entry but can’t get the thing to work. I’m hoping the blogger will see this entry.

And yeah, this really is an oboe blog! Amazing to many, I’m sure. Who the heck would want to read an oboe blog? Huh?

And shouldn’t I be making reeds instead? 😉

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It used to be that I would go to church if I had a double day Sunday no matter what. I think age has had its way with me; I can no longer handle this schedule as easily as before. I’ve been thinking, in fact, about the first time I played this show, and I certainly don’t remember being as exhausted as I am now! (It didn’t have double Sundays, though, as we had the doubles on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as Broadway shows do.)

When I was hired to play B&tB in 2000 it was under sad circumstances. The oboist who was doing the show was ill, and I got a call (for the first time from that contractor) saying I’d been recommended to fill in. I was asked to drive in and pretty much sight read the show. I did meet first with another oboist who had been subbing with the group. He graciously sat down with me for about an hour and went over the tricky parts, pointing out all the solos. After my solo dinner (which I actually enjoy quite a lot) I went to the hall. The conductor hadn’t been told what was going on and was furious. He even said he’d have flown someone from New York in to play if he’d known what was happening. (Fortunately he didn’t say that to me, and I only found out about it later.) I read the show and actually managed to play well. The conductor was pleased. I came in to read another show, alternating with another player. When they realized the original oboist wasn’t going to be returning, the conductor was given a choice. He opted for me, and there I was, playing nearly a full run of the tour**. 50 miles away from home. 8 shows a week. I just remember enjoying it, but perhaps I’ve forgotten the weariness. But it was eight years ago, and eight years is … well … eight years! I was younger then. A mere 43. (Gee, that sounds younger and younger to me!)

While I managed to deal with the commute and eight shows a week (and three kids, all of whom were still at home) then, this run has me a bit more weary. So I’ve learned. Stay home when I am able. Don’t worry about things that can wait until later. But don’t forget to pay the bills and stay awake for students’ lessons! 🙂

**I am just remembering too, that he called me later to ask if I wanted to go on tour with them. He actually said, “I think I know the answer already, but would you like to go on tour with us?” He knew I had kids, and he was right; I couldn’t do a tour with three kiddos at home. One had just graduated high school, but still ….

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A very young master of the keyboards at 24, Angelo is the only one in the country who plays and composes under the genre of new age classical pop piano music.

Um. Okay, then. Definitely a term I’ve not heard before. Kind of covers a lot, doesn’t it?

We are, however, missing metal and country, so you know I can’t possibly be drawn in.

Oh well.

(I read it here)