18. May 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Links, Ramble

Oboes aren’t cheap. They aren’t as expensive as flutes or bassoons (the latter being amazingly costly), but new oboes can really hit you hard with the cost. I recommend that students purchase used oboes; you save some money and, if you are purchasing a wood oboe, you might not even have to worry about breaking the instrument in. (Some used instruments have been sitting around for years, and then I think caution is recommended.) But really, people are frequently selling their oboes because they are either giving the instrument up or moving on to a new instrument. (Some oboists like to replace their instruments frequently.)

I tried to leave that message on this blog entry but can’t get the thing to work. I’m hoping the blogger will see this entry.

And yeah, this really is an oboe blog! Amazing to many, I’m sure. Who the heck would want to read an oboe blog? Huh?

And shouldn’t I be making reeds instead? 😉

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  1. Well, as he noted, God help him. And aren’t you making reeds as you blog? Hmmm???