20. May 2008 · Comments Off on Fried Brain · Categories: Ramble

This morning’s show was … well … interesting. I don’t believe I was the only one who wasn’t fully functioning; I heard some incorrect lines on stage, and timing wasn’t the same. I think it’s just that 10:00 AM is awfully early to be performing!

But ME? Sigh. Every reed felt wrong and behaved nothing like they did before. Notes were “misplayed” (otherwise known as playing the wrong notes … totally unforgivable!). And my embouchure was incredibly weak. I finally put cigarette paper over my lower teeth—something I’ve learned to do when my mouth is rebelling. I didn’t sleep last night, so that didn’t help things.

I just hope I’m more focussed tonight. I don’t like making mistakes, and I don’t like being so tired. I do like playing well and making good music. So I’m hoping ….

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