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Since not everyone here reads my other blog, I’ll post the link to our daughter’s and her fiance’s engagement photos here. Katy Regnier is really a wonderful photographer (be sure and check out more of her work!), and she posted a few of their photos yesterday. Great fun!!

Am I really old enough to have a daughter getting married? I don’t think so!

Oh. Wait. Yes, I am that old! 😎

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I know, I know, whining isn’t becoming. But whatever.

My reeds have behaved differently every single day this week. What was wonderful last night was certainly not wonderful tonight. (Last night I felt quite good about the main reed. Oh well!) I actually wound up playing on three different reeds through the show tonight, and was never completely satisfied.

Yeah, everything changes, nothing stays the same. But still ….

This is the part of music that drives me bonkers, and makes me remember my bookkeeping days at Books Inc. with great fondness. Ahhh, books! When they were balanced they were balanced. And they didn’t change. Done was done. Close the book, make a deposit, go home. Straight forward. Simple. Predictable.

But of course I also didn’t get a lot of joy out of doing the books.

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Timothy Emerson is my brother. He is a very fine bassoonist. Nice guy, too. You’d like him. More than you like me. (Oh. You don’t like me? Well then, never mind!)

Here is an announcement about a concert he’s in. If you are in the New York City area, check it out!

Come hear some wonderful chamber music in the beautiful Grace Church Chantry at Broadway and 10th Street! May 30/31, 8pm.

Rossini: Sonata IV for Woodwind Quartet
Barber: ‘Summer Music’ for Woodwind Quintet
Bruhns: Cantata ‘Mein Herz ist Bereit’ for Baritone, Solo Violin and Basso Continuo
Beethoven: Quartet in A minor, Op. 132

Jorge Avila, violin
Alexander Sharpe, violin
David Gold, viola
Sarah Hewitt-Roth, cello
Reva Youngstein, flute
Caroline Park, oboe
Christopher Cullen, clarinet
Timothy Emerson, bassoon
Maria Harrold, horn
Joshua Parrillo, baritone
Patrick Allen, chamber organ

Polly Holliday, producer

Tickets: $15 in advance; $20 at the door. Call 917-698-8415 to reserve seats at the advanced price (leave your name, the number of tickets you’d like, and the concert you’d like to attend).

(I’d add the wonderful poster here, but I can’t add images to WordPress any more!!! Sigh. I even tried putting things up at Flickr but yours truly is too stupid to figure even that out. Double sigh.)

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… and you still might not believe it. Really.

A story about a performance of Carmen. This story had me checking my calendar to see if it was April 1. Or maybe there are other days where people get to tell whoppers? Hmmm.

  • Part One
  • Part Two

    ICK. This sounds like the worst job ever.

    Can it really be true?

    And then there’s this:

    Maestro Bátiz holds some major political power; his dynamic personality attracts it like a magnet. For a short while, the mayor of Mexico City even appointed him as an honorary Chief of Police. When an oboist in his orchestra tried to take an audition for a different orchestra, Bátiz had the oboist arrested and thrown in jail so he would miss the audition.

    Wow. Amazing.

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    Blair Tindall responds to Nigel.

    Nigel does jazz (news to me, but I don’t follow his career):

    (I’m sure he is drinking a soda at the end of this, as I doubt he’d want to have alcohol in his system when performing.)

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    Opera is about live performance. Orpheus didn’t send a videotape to Hades to free his Eurydice. When I see young people at the opera, what touches them is seeing live singers.

    -Gérard Mortier

    (Guess he doesn’t like the Met at the movies, eh?)