21. May 2008 · 4 comments · Categories: Ramble

Blair Tindall responds to Nigel.

Nigel does jazz (news to me, but I don’t follow his career):

(I’m sure he is drinking a soda at the end of this, as I doubt he’d want to have alcohol in his system when performing.)


  1. Hey Patty:

    It kinda hard writing 500 words off of a 100-word comment. But pretty hilarious responses, don’t you think? Thanks for posting it.


  2. Wow … just checked the link again. Lots of bizarre comments, to be sure. (Seems as if some must have been smoking something as they tried to write, yes?)

  3. It does say a lot, right? My favorite was
    `Yep… marijuana makes me um… what were we just talking about..? oh yeah, really horny too.`
    I must say my impotence comment was just based on anecdotal evidence 😉 But it’s a blog, not a newspaper!
    How’s all in sunny San Jose?

  4. Hey Blair … things are fine here. I’m in the middle of a Beauty and the Beast run. Then it’s Rite of Spring. Quite the contrast.

    Biggest news, though, is that our daughter is getting married. I’m not old enough for that … am I? Sigh.

    Email me … fill me in on life! 🙂