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Today is Peter Nero’s birthday. He performed with the San Jose Symphony a few times. He called me a gazelle.

I was younger and thinner then.

Just thought you should know. Aren’t you glad?

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So the reeds that weren’t behaving last night were just fine tonight. Reponsive, in tune, happy little campers. Comfortable, too, which is so important.

I’ll tell you, it’s enough to drive a person crazy! Ya just never know ….

I now have 5 shows to go, over the next 3 days. Today was my wacky day; I had four lessons at UCSC, two students at home, and a show. And I survived. I am, in fact, feeling pretty good. Aside from the allergy fit I seem to be having. (AFTER having taken my allergy pill too, wouldn’t ya know?)

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So my right hand is cramping. It’s the fourth and little finger that are an issue. I noticed it when I was driving over the hill to campus … I can’t really hold the steering wheel with just my right hand, because it hurts. It’s not incredibly painful, but only mildly so, which means it’s only mildly worrisome. But I hope this improves by tonight. Beauty has a ton of playing, and I don’t have time to relax the hand much.

Maybe this is why my hand was aching during the show last night. Or maybe the cramping is due to that aching.

In any case, I guess I won’t be spending as much time working on reeds as I had hoped.

Ask me if that makes me sad …?! 😉

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Check out some old classical music album covers.

Hmmm. I wonder if I have any of those? I never look at our record collection; our turntable no longer works. Oh well.