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There’s a documentary of the making of Dr. Atomic, called Wonders Are Many. I was looking at the site to see if this was using the San Francisco Opera production. (What else would it use, eh?) It appears to be the case, but I couldn’t find a place that gave the San Francisco Opera orchestra any mention at all. I hope I’m just missing it. (That’s easy for me to do.) It would be a shame not to mention the orchestra, don’t you think?

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The Right Rite? Or the Wrong Rite? You tell me! 😉


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This was the kind of work that inspires me beyond words – it is CREATIVE and INTENSE with the highest standards of musical values – not simply to dazzle or impress – but instead calling on all these qualities to work together to build up something honest and living that may just have the chance to touch people. It’s the kind of work that fills me with joy and inspiration.

-Joyce DiDonato

I read the above here. Ms. DiDonato’s blog is wonderful.

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Out West Arts recently blogged about “L. A. Phil” I thought he was referring to a person. You know? Sort of like the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. Sigh.

And that’s all. Except to say, “Man, he gets to go to a lot of concerts. In a lot of places.”

Oh … and they aren’t all out west, either. He’s going to New York. And Paris and Amsterdam. And he’ll hear the ever grateful Joyce DiDonato as Romeo. I’m jealous, even if I am a hermit of sorts.