So I just read that “An Inconvenenient Truth” will be turned into an opera. At La Scala.

I wonder if they’ll allow instruments made out of endangered species trees to be played. (My oboes are so old I think it’s okay … don’t you?)

Hmmm. Looking at the endangered species list I’m not finding “my” wood. Why is everyone saying it’s on the list? Is there another name besides grenadilla or African blackwood? Anyone know?



    Dalbergia melanoxylon, aka African blackwood, grenadilla, mpingo, Mozambique ebony…

    It isn’t endangered in the sense that the species is headed for extinction. But trees suitable for making into musical instruments (right size, right shape, etc.) are becoming rare. The link above indicates the possibility of “genetic erosion” due to overharvesting of large, straight blackwood trees (presumably for making oboes!).

  2. Thanks for the information! (Do you happen to have a URL for the info?)

  3. That’s the URL at the top of my previous comment. 🙂

  4. Duh. Sorry … it was a looong day.

    And I’m old.