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I just read that Scott Bearden took home first prize and audience favorite at the Irene Dalis Vocal Competition.

I’m not surprised, but I’m very happy to read this.

I didn’t go to the finals last night; I actually forgot about them completely until I went online at about 7:00 PM … and of course it was too late then to race down there. Oh well. Maybe next year …? (Maybe some year they’ll even have an orchestra playing for them. That would be fun!)

Speaking of competitions, we will be playing for the International Russian Piano Music Competition in a few weeks. I’ve never done anything like that before. We received a list of possible works … seven different concerti … and we will be told which three works we are actually doing prior to the first rehearsal. Should be interesting!

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“Our intent is to help shift the public perception of science, so that people realize that science is as important as art, literature, film, theater,” Greene said.

I found this quote interesting. I have always thought we were mostly trying to convince people of the opposite (that the Arts are important) and I’d never heard anyone suggest that people don’t think science is important.

I wonder: perhaps it’s just whatever an individual is “in” that seems as if it is considered less important. Maybe we all feel the need to prove ourselves or our particular profession or interest(s).

Maybe we all just feel under appreciated and want people to like us.

Just pondering ….

(I read the quote here, in an article about Oliver Sacks, a church choir, and more.)

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The real embouchure is in the stomach. The other is only a connection. You should take the reed as you take a forkful of food: simply.

-Maurice Bourque, French Oboist

(I read this online, so I confess I can’t guarantee its authenticity.)