I find it more tiring to do less in a work than to do more. I don’t play a single note on my whole first page of Rite; I have some cues and a tremendous number of rests. And all that waiting … well … it tires a girl out! I didn’t play a note of my part until nearly 8:00 tonight (our rehearsal began at 7:00).

I don’t often read when I’m at a rehearsal. I’m afraid I’ll be less involved in the music, and I know that some conductors find it irritating. So while I brought my book, I didn’t read it except at break. Even then I only managed one page, as I can’t concentrate well on other things when I’m at a rehearsal. Go figure.

I do enjoy our conductor, Martin West. He is clear, easy to follow, and he even manages to get us to play pianissimo! That’s a challenge much of the time.

I’m enjoying the set, and I must say that there is some mighty fine playing going on around me! Want to attend the concert? Get your tickets here.

Now I’m beat. I’ve been up since 6:15, and I’m not good with these longs days right now. Not sure why, but they really do me in. G’night!


  1. I understand. I don’t think I’ve ever been as exhausted on stage as when I’ve performed Beethoven’s Ninth. Sitting perfectly still for those first three movements (and part of the fourth). There’s usually physical pain when I finally stand up to sing. It’s a great work that I love to sing, but it requires endurance.

  2. I can’t even imagine being in the chorus for that work. That’s so much more difficult than one page of Stravinsky!

    Although of course the music is wonderful. But still ….