06. June 2008 · 5 comments · Categories: Videos, Watch

Do my eyes deceive me?

Oboists, take a look-see. Maybe other musicians too. I don’t know if you’ll be puzzled or not. This is NOT to critique the player. I don’t do that with students, and I’m more than happy to hear student oboists. But look at the hands. Look at the keys. Does this appear correct to you? I’m confused!

(Or maybe this is why she’s given the oboe the name she gives it? Hmmm.)


  1. ???!!?!??! The heck? I think the video must’ve gotten reversed, somehow – like when a slide is backwards? Otherwise when I think about trying to play with my right hand on the top joint my brain starts hurting.

  2. Isn’t it bizarre to look at? It just feels so wrong!

  3. I guess an oboe like that would be guaranteed to have a left-f though 🙂

  4. The poster of the video replied: it’s a normal oboe. The video is just reversed via her webcam. (Now that I think about it, mine does that too, or at least has the option to do that.)

  5. I kind of figured! No one would make an oboe “backwards” … who’d buy it?

    But did she do it deliberately? Maybe I should click on the video link and see if she tells me, eh?