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… this time on EH …

What amazes me is that he conducts nearly up until he plays. I’d be so worried about the sound and not being in control and all. And I’d probably crash my hand into the reed. But that’s just me ….

Too bad it cuts off in the middle of a phrase …

I see he’s using a neck strap. I do have one on when I’m standing, but I rarely put it to use (meaning it’s fairly slack most of the time) as it’s hard on my neck. I don’t use anything when I’m sitting. I just have this bizarre huge muscle between my right thumb and index finger and I don’t find the instrument too cumbersome. I always joke that when that when I stop playing that muscle will get all out of shape and sag to the floor. Well, maybe not to the floor …?

I note that neither soloist is smiling during this joyful music. We sometimes get criticized for not looking like we are having a good time. But even when we are playing joyful music we are busy concentrating and it’s work. Add recording session to that and you aren’t going to have a ton of smiles.

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