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… and I had a nice dinner out with my family after the dress rehearsal of Rite. We rarely have daytime dress rehearsals, but we did this time. I liked that, knowing I’d have my night free.

But now? Well, now I’m in my robe already. I guess I’m so used to going to bed after a dress rehearsal that I feel like I’m exhausted out of habit. Go figure.

The Stravinsky is part of Beyond the Score, and from what little I could hear, it sounded quite interesting. It’s not easy for me to hear a lot of the talking, as I’m sitting behind the speakers, but I can hear snippets. I liked the “I know how to play it, but I don’t know how to write it,” or something like that, that Stravinsky said. Or at least I think that’s what I heard! I wish I had a transcript. (That might be a nice thing to offer to the orchestra members.)

I guess Chicago Symphony Orchestra does three of these each year now. Next year we are doing their Tchaikovsky fourth one. Maybe we’ll do one a year. I wonder.

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