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(Thanks, DK. You’re right.)

No. More. Words.

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There’s a review in the Merc for last week’s concerts. It’s so-so. What I expected, except he really liked the first half. A lot.

I do wonder, though, if reviewers know 1) how difficult the bassoon solo is (do they know the words? Sing along, “Why not an English horn? This note’s too high for me.”) and 2) that my friend DK played it so incredibly well. Perfectly. Truly better than the video I was watching and listening to of a major orchestra. Really.


I’m listening to a very muffled recording of the Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 1. I’ve never even heard this one before, to be honest. (And I only found one recording at emusic.com so I’m guessing it’s perhaps not frequently played.) One piece nearly heard (an easy one) … a good number to go. (I’m starting with Prokofiev … moving alphatebetically. Or alphabetically. You choose.)

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Sure, I could have put up the oboe concerto … but, to be honest, I like these more. Sorry, guys!