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(Yes, I know who he is, I’d be more likely to say “who?” to Slash. And since when is a concert hall “crusty”? Sigh.)

Virtual Maestro, a piece of software that uses the Wii and its Remote to allow players to conduct an orchestra, has been brought to the UK and will be on show before LSO concerts.

The game was developed by a team led by Teresa Nakra, an assistant professor of music at The College of New Jersey in Ewing. It has already been on display in the US using a 42″ plasma screen. The team hopes to develop the game further, but its sponsor – investment banking firm, UBS – says there are no plans for it to make it into homes any time soon.

“For so many people, classical music is about a crusty music hall”, uttered Ann Drew of UBS. “The design was intended to bring a new, different experience to concert-going.”

SPOnG sees no reason for gamers to favour one breed of rhythm game over the other. We encourage the gaming community to get along to both and see if they can do Gergiev as well as they do Slash.

I doubt that playing virtual conductor is going to convince gamers to come to symphony concerts, but I’ll be happy to say I’m wrong about that.

I don’t really get virtual conducting, guitar playing or even cello playing. Just not my cuppa.

Now virtual gardening, on the other hand, I think I could get into. Just don’s ask me to do the real stuff.

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… well … if you can figure out how to use it!

The four chemical elements cited most often in musical songs and compositions are, in this order, silver, gold, tin and oxygen, followed by copper and iron, according to a study carried out by Santiago Álvarez, professor at the School of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, and recently published in New Journal of Chemistry.

(Read here.)

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Most folks have seen the Voigt “Little Black Dress” video by now, I suppose, but just in case …

In case you’ve forgotten what the fuss was about, check out this:

and this:

I had actually forgotten just how much weight the woman lost. Wow.

And then, I’ll leave you with the video below. The Battle line is too darn funny: