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“Many performing artists are underemployed,” Mr. Gioia said, “but one of the stereotypes we’re trying to debunk is that artists are mostly marginal and unemployed.”


I don’t know if my teaching counts as employment as a performing artist. Seems like it should, though, as it’s still about oboing and all that jazz. (Or classical, or whatever ….)

I’ve been at this biz since 1975. I’ve had other jobs along with music (bookstore clerk and then bookkeeper at the same store and, later, music librarian) but really I’ve been mainly music for what seems like forever.

I used to puzzle over this. I’ll never make the big bucks, living here in Silicon Valley, place with lots of money and big buck earners galore. But I’ve never been unemployed long enough to bother with unemployment. Funny how that happens.

I like my work. I’m fine with not being rich. (In truth I’m richer than much of the world, yes?)

Sleeping in is nice too. 😉

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