15. June 2008 · Comments Off on And now … · Categories: Ramble

… I have no playing work. I’ll continue to teach through the summer, but no playing work at all. Nothing at all until the end of August. I will be playing for our daughter’s wedding (woo hoo!) a week from today, but that’s hardly work … it’s merely a joy to play for her as she walks down the aisle. (I’d put up a picture of Kelsey and Mel, but I still can’t put pictures up here!. Sigh.)

And yes, i can do play the wedding. I’ve been asked, “Won’t you cry? Can you play when you cry?” When the reed goes in the mouth, the brain switches and tears won’t be there. Honest. Now once I’m done, and I’m listening to their vows things might change. But who knows … only time will tell, eh?

But if any of you have a gig to throw my way after next weekend, I’m here. I’m happy to work. 🙂

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