16. June 2008 · Comments Off on Advice for Freelancers · Categories: Links, Ramble

Jason Heath has a great blog entry called Twelve Survival Tips for Freelance Musicians. Even if you aren’t a freelancer, it’s worth a read; it gives you a bit of an understanding for that sort of life. Gives you some sympathy too!

I’m do most of my work with the groups in which I have tenure. They are close by. If I forget anything, if anything goes wrong, I’m less than ten minutes from home. But I have done some work fifty miles from here, and yes, I double my commuting time as well. I’d much rather be early and sit down for a nice cup of coffee than run in at the last minute and be a wreck. Or be late. Never be late. Ever. That’s a rule.

Anyway, check out Jason’s survival tips!